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Veteran health podcaster, blogger, and international bestselling author (Keto Clarity and The Ketogenic Cookbook) Jimmy Moore from "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" discusses the current health headlines, dissect the latest medical and nutritional health research studies, and answer listener-submitted questions about the low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet. Submit your keto questions at
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Apr 29, 2021

Episode 206

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest talk on the internet, REAL TALK. Today Jimmy welcomes Cathal Butler to talk all about the role of the subconscious mind on health

“Your belief systems are driving you. Your subconscious mind is taking you in the direction you are going.”

Cathal Butler

Since 2013, Cathal Butler has been the course coordinator for MA Education Pathways at The University of Bedfordshire. These courses support the continuing development of practicing educators, as well as supporting the academic development of recent graduates, both British and International. Cathal teaches across a range of postgraduate courses and units, as well as supervising PhD students. He is also link co-ordinator for the MA Education (Leadership) course that is running at a partner institution in Guyana.

Jimmy conducts a really unique interview with Cathal Butler from Ireland who argues obesity and disease have nothing to do with what you eat. His hypothesis called Adventure Weight Management (AWM), currently being studied in research, argues that the subconscious mind determines the health choices you make and he’s developed strategies for rewiring and reprogramming your thoughts to eat anything you want to manage your weight and health. This one is an outside-the-box thinking episode.

Apr 22, 2021


It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest talk on the internet, REAL TALK. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Meghann Hempel to the show.

“Even little tiny baby steps is forward movement.”

Meghann Hempel

Meghann Hempel is a recovering fitness and food addict, and a TBI survivor. she’s a mother, a health and lifestyle coach and a certified personal trainer. Meghann is a certified firefighter, advanced Emergency Medical Technician, and a licensed aesthetician.

Jimmy talks with CPT and certified health coach Meghann Hempel from Brain Body & Beyond—and what a story she has to share. Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while performing her duties as a firefighter, Meghann has battled her way back through consuming nutrient dense low-carb carnivore meals along with an exercise and strength training routine that is hardcore. Tune in to this episode as she shares her incredible wisdom and sharp wit that has been the key to getting her through this experience.

Find Meghann’s health coaching page on Instagram:​

Official website for Brain Body & Beyond:

Apr 15, 2021

Episode 204

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest talk on the internet, REAL TALK. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Lauren Pappas to talk about her unique approach to coaching.

“A lot of people stop eating a ketogenic diet due to side effects because they don’t supplement with electrolytes.”

- Lauren Pappas

As a professional nutrition coach & fitness trainer, with over 2 decades of experience, Lauren Pappas’ passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise are the foundation of our health. Our bodies our are vehicles in life. They need to be fueled with the finest ingredients, which means nutrient-rich foods, exercise, self-respect & love. At My Nutrient Life, they place emphasis on our physical & mental health. The ascetics are icing on the cake. A true glow comes from within. If you feel good on the inside it will radiate on the outside. Lauren helps people transform their physiques & eating habits, in the process, they gain confidence and a deep belief in themselves.

Jimmy speaks with a great personal friend, health coach, and personal trainer Lauren Pappas (@larenfitdj) from My Nutrient Rich Life. Tune is as Jimmy and Lauren talk about the challenges of eating keto and carnivore, why nutrition can be tricky for athletes and active people, how to bounce back from difficult times in life, and so much more. It gets real in this episode, so enjoy this episode of Real Talk.

Apr 8, 2021

Episode 203

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the internet, REAL TALK! Today we welcome Sean Croxton to talk about mindset.

“I think people have a really hard time moving forward in life.”

 - Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton is a podcast host, author, entrepreneur, and prosperity teacher.

You may know him as the host of Underground Wellness Radio, one of the internet’s most popular health podcasts.

During his seven years with Underground Wellness, he penned the still-popular Dark Side of Fat Loss ebook, started the JERF (Just Eat Real Food) movement, and hosted seven online summit events, including The Thyroid Sessions, Digestion Sessions, and The Depression Sessions.

Jimmy invited his podcasting, entrepreneur, and business mentoring friend Sean Croxton to the Clubhouse to help aspiring entrepreneurs get in the proper mindset to succeed. Massive truth bombs galore were dropped in this episode so don’t you dare miss it from start to finish. Check out Sean’s work at​.

Enjoy this 90+ minutes of invaluable information that you don’t wanna miss if you are trying to make a business out of your passion for health

Apr 1, 2021

Episode 202

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest talk on the internet, REAL TALK with Jimmy Moore. Today Jimmy welcomes Rebekah Farmer to the show.

“It was impossible for him to see his own faults.”

 - Rebekah Farmer

Rebekah Farmer @tailoredketohealth was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 6th grade. In seventh grade, she ran into chronic pain. She was rushed to the emergency room with severe chest pains, and left with a diagnosis of costochondritis and degenerative disc. She was then diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Narcolepsy, and a myriad of digestive issues such as gastroparesis, IBS, IBD, slow transit colon, Celiac and diverticulitis. Rebekah started regular Chiropractic treatments to address scoliosis and chronic pain. She went through multiple rounds of physical therapy, but symptoms continued to worsen. Shortly after graduating high school, she ran into chronic adrenal fatigue, crippling anxiety and pain so bad that she was bed bound. She had difficulty breathing, with frequent episodes of near- suffocation.

Desperate and afraid, she knew that she needed to dig deeper. She ventured to uncover the root of her issues, working with multiple functional medicine doctors, and embarked on a more strict/ personalized version of the ketogenic diet. She was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, ulcerative colitis, Addisons, Hashimotos hypothyroid, CREST scleroderma, and a central nervous system disorder called Central Sensitization Syndrome (see youtube video by Dr. Sletten of Mayo Clinic). With Keto, various supplements, and support she was able to get off of Adderal, Clonazepam, and Ambien after being dependent on them for 13 years. She gained energy and focus, and reversed Hashimotos! Her cystic acne also cleared completely. She was only just beginning to break free from the cage that she became burrowed into after years of quick “fixes” and excessive rounds of antibiotics ordered by traditional med doctors. Rebekah has continued to strip off the band-aids to uncover the sources and contributors to systemic disease that almost took her life, and more importantly her hope and joy.

Jimmy is pleased to have his friend and health coach Rebekah Farmer (@tailoredketohealth) back on the podcast again this year to talk about an important issue that needs to be talked about more. As she was going through her health recovery journey, Rebecca was in very abusive love relationship with a narcissist who showed little regard for her and she felt trapped in that broken relationship. Listen in to this interview as Jimmy and Rebecca talk about the difficulty in leaving this kind of situation and the clues that she started to notice they gave her the courage to step away.

Mar 25, 2021

Episode 201

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest show on the internet REAL TALK. Today Jimmy welcomes Keith Norris to talk about empowering people.

“Trading safety for responsibility is a victimhood trap.”

 - Keith Norris

Join Jimmy Moore for LIVE Clubhouse interviews at the all-new #KetoClarity​ Clubhouse room I created over the weekend. If you’re not yet on Clubhouse because you don’t have an Apple device and/or you have not been given an invitation from a friend on the inside yet, I simulcast and record these episodes for you at the JIMMY ON CLUBHOUSE Instagram page (​) to watch LIVE as well as watch on demand at IGTV or on YouTube (search for “Jimmy on Clubhouse“). ⁣

Today I have the cofounder (along with his life sidekick, the lovely Michelle) of the popular annual PaleoFX conference in Austin, TX named Keith Norris. His brand new book PRIMAL RISING is a primer on escaping the “human zoo” that so many people find themselves trapped in and to instead expect better for themselves moving forward in their lives. We went WAY deep on letting go of what’s holding you back from reaching your best self. ⁣

So many people are asking me about this Clubhouse app and I’m telling you it’s revolutionizing social media like nothing I’ve ever seen. Right now they are limiting it just to Apple device users (iPhone, iPad) only AND you need to have a friend already on Clubhouse who has your phone number in their phone for them to invite you in. They only give us a few invitations each week, so please be patient. DM me if you need help getting in. I promise you it’s gonna be worth being on there!⁣

Mar 18, 2021

Episode 200

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the realest show on the internet, Real Talk with Jimmy Moore. Join us today as Jimmy chats with Jennifer Isenhart.

“One of the driving forces for me was the type-2 diabetes community. These people have been given bad advice.”

 - Jennifer Isenhart

Jennifer Isenhart has ushered dozens of projects from concept, through production, to completion—from Emmy award winning documentaries, to educational children’s programs, to brand marketing pieces, to commercial productions. She knows how to weave images, sound and message into memorable stories.

Jimmy is pleased to welcome in the executive producer of the documentary film FAT FICTION named Jennifer Isenhart. The film features multiple scientists, medical doctors, and advocates for a low-carbohydrate, healthy fats approach to optimizing human health. With the persistence of the low-fat, high-carb message being promoted as the way to health, Jennifer unveils what is actually happening within the research that shows that far different picture. Watch Jimmy and Jennifer chat about why this film was so desperately needed.

Find Jennifer on Instagram:​

Watch Jennifer’s FAT FICTION documentary on Amazon Prime Video:

Mar 11, 2021

Episode 199

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Vivica Menegaz. 

“I feel like at some point all of us are carrying trauma now.”

 - Viviva Menegaz

Vivica Menegaz is a Certified Technician in Whole Nutrition who specializes in reversing metabolic damage and rebalancing the endocrine system naturally through the use of diet and whole food supplements.
Originally from Italy, she grew up in a family of restaurateurs, learned to cook from professional chefs and soon discovered her passion for food. After moving to the US Vivica had a successful career as a food photographer, then decided to study nutrition: her true vocation.
After 5 years working with a local DC, Vivica decided to go solo. Three years ago she opened her own web-based practice, specializing in Therapeutic Ketogenic Diets.

Vivica is the creator of the The Healing Foods Method, a 12 week course to transform health and lifestyle, with focus on metabolism and endocrine rebalancing. The program has been extremely successful, helping many people to transform their lives and health.

Jimmy has a deep conversation all about the lingering impact of trauma on our mind, body, and soul with THE ESSENTIAL CARNIVORE DIET COOKBOOK author Vivica Menegaz. This one went way down a lovely rabbit hole of examining the reason we have the tendencies we gave based on our trauma. MUST WATCH! ⁣

Find Vivica on Instagram: 

Get Vivica’s new book:

Mar 4, 2021

Episode 198

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Shawn Stevenson.


“Your cardiologist is treating your heart while not realizing that your heart is made from the food you eat.”

 - Shawn Stevenson


Shawn Stevenson is the author of the USA Today National bestseller Eat Smarter and the international bestselling book Sleep Smarter. He’s also creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the number #1 health podcast in the U.S. with millions of listener downloads each year. A graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Shawn studied business, biology, and nutritional science and became the cofounder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance. Shawn has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, Muscle & Fitness, ABC News, ESPN, and many other major media outlets.

In this interview, Jimmy is honored to have a fellow author, podcaster, and incredible human being named Shawn Stevenson​ on the show to discuss the highly anticipated follow-up to his bestselling book SLEEP SMARTER entitled EAT SMARTER. Anybody who knows the work of Shawn Stevenson can appreciate the thoroughness in his research about anything he talks about. Jimmy and Shawn get deep into this on the science supporting sleep, against the use of wearing masks, and what the latest studies show on the impact of food on your body.

Shawn on Instagram

The Model Health Show Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

Episode 197

“Even calling them vegetable oils makes no sense. They’re not vegetable oils, they’re industrial seed oils.”

 - Lily Nichols


Lily Nichols’ career as a registered dietitian/nutritionist and certified diabetes educator unfolded rather organically and her work has included prenatal nutrition public policy, consulting, research, writing, and clinical practice. All of these experiences have brought her to where she is today.

If you’ve read either of her bestselling books—Real Food for Pregnancy or Real Food for Gestational Diabetes—you know she’s a fan of research citations, yes (RFFP has over 930), but also making said scientific findings applicable to real life and understandable even by the non-scientist.

In this interview, Jimmy talks with registered dietitian/nutritionist and certified diabetes educator Lily Nichols, author of REAL FOOD FOR PREGNANCY, about the importance of prenatal nutrition being centered around nourishment from quality food for both the mother and the baby. So many good nuggets in this interview whether you are thinking about getting pregnant, currently pregnant, or know someone in your life who wants to learn more about how to eat optimally for a healthy kid.


Find Lily on Instagram:​

Lily’s website:


Feb 18, 2021

Episode 196

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Austin Cavelli. 

“The priority should be metabolic health, not weight loss.”

 - Austin Cavelli


Austin Cavelli helps people optimize their health by burning fat for fuel and reducing years of underlying inflammation from the standard American diet. Her approach focuses on quality nutrition by way of nutrient-dense animal products. Austin is a board certified, nationally accredited physician assistant. She has treated thousands of patients with acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, including various autoimmune conditions.

In this interview, Jimmy talks with a physician assistant named Austin Cavelli who eats in such a way that most of her PA colleagues would never dream of eating—meat-based only! When she’s not seeing patients, Austin is consulting clients on how to fit animal foods into their diet as a means of reducing inflammation and fight chronic disease. This conversation went a little bit all over the board so sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview.

Feb 11, 2021

Episode 195

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Leanne Vogel. 

“I realized that the ‘spirit guides’ were not angels of light and I publicly repented.”

 - Leanne Vogel


In this interview, Jimmy talks with long-time friend and fellow keto diet influencer Leanne Vogel who went through a very deep, dark trial in her life trying to figure out who she was and why she never felt fulfilled. After writing two highly successful commercial bestselling books in a very short period of time, Leanne noticed something was off and it took her down this long, winding path that ultimately led her to faith in God.

But the way she got there and the disturbing behavior along the way is what had so many people worried about her and wondering what was going to happen. You’re gonna find out all those details in one of the most raw and real interviews we’ve ever shared! MUST WATCH!

Find Leanne on Instagram:​

Listen to Leanne’s Keto Diet Podcast:​

Check out Leanne’s work at Healthful Pursuit:

Feb 8, 2021

Episode 411

Welcome to Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson, Holly Jean Barrett and Amber Horn, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

This week on the Podcast, Leah, Amber and Holly are together for our co-host catch up! Recapping the guests for the past month, it seems they all had a common theme – personal health journeys turned into a passion for helping others and they all have programs focusing on the importance of lifestyle factors, and the roles they play, when it comes to overall health.

Episode 408: Jonathan Shane

Jon shares his emotional, and engaging story, of history of being overweight to taking weight loss too far and discovering an eating disorder, to learning about proper nutrition and how to nourish his body to now turning that love and passion into a mission to help others.

Episode 409: Courtney Bursich

Courtney shares the story of her passion for nutrition and health being ignited, and fueled, by motherhood. She works to help women uncover the roots of health problems, and teaches them how to listen to their bodies and understand the connection between lifestyle factors and the cascade of hormonal events caused by too much sugar, too much stress, lack of sleep

Episode 410: Raph Freedman

Raph shares the physical and cognitive enhancing benefits of chocolate as well as his transformational business model using data tracking and education to coach clients to peak performance.

In this episode:

In this episode we are discussing the details of the new 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines. Have we taken a step forward in recommendations or are we maintaining the status quo?


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Feb 4, 2021

Episode 194

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Dr. Dan French to talk about Rhetoric. 

“All of the characters in religion are super-ethos people.”

 - Dr. Dan French


Dr. Dan French is an educator and language-centric intellectual. He taught rhetoric, persuasion, TV writing, screenwriting, communication studies at the university level, for almost two decades.

From his bio: "Taught a wide range of courses in my field. I parachuted out of universities, but I still write and teach about all things communication. It’s my obsession. Also a standup comedian for thirty+ years, Dan has also hones his chops as a pro comedy writer (wrote for late night TV — Late Late Show on CBS, many others)."

In this interview, Jimmy talks with Dr. Dan French, PhD, Who has a doctorate degree in the subject of rhetoric. They talk about the power of language, persuasion, and communicating with one another as humans. It’s a fascinating discussion that runs the gamut of every aspect of life in application.

Dan’s Podcast: Rhetoric Warriors

Dan French on Facebook

Jan 28, 2021

Episode 193

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Holly Jean to talk about Holistic Health. 

“I am noticing in our local schools […] that they are starting school gardens. Of all the things wrong with public school, this is a start.”

 - Holly Jean

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Holistic Lifestyle Educator, and podcaster Holly is a natural leader – smart, enthusiastic, (and sometimes a little funny).

She optimizes her strengths as a strategist, connector, and influential community activist. With gratitude and sincerity, Holly provides value through her speaking engagements and training programs, sharing her accumulated knowledge and natural social talents with women’s groups and corporate clients.

With a passion for motherhood, families and holistic wellness, Holly is on a mom on a mission! She believes health starts at home and loves helping families navigate the journey to optimal wellness. Her programs are keenly designed, from a combination of education, research, and life experience, in a way that makes them engaging and easily applicable.

On the weekends you can catch Holly exploring Southern California with her family, beach camping, or cooking and entertaining with friends at home.

Listen in today as Jimmy talks with low-carb diet podcaster and functional nutrition and holistic health and wellness practitioner Holly Jean going all over the place in conversation identifying areas of concern in the pursuit of healthy living along with what’s going well and how we keep the momentum going. This is a fun conversation you’re gonna love!

Holly on Instagram

Holly on Facebook

Jan 21, 2021

Episode 192

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the REALest talk on the Internet. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes back Drew Manning to talk about an exciting new challenge for his 40th birthday.

“The food you’re eating underscores the fact that the food we eat affects every aspect of our lives.”

 - Jimmy Moore

“You can see the weight on people’s bodies, but you don’t know their story.”

 - Drew Manning

Health and fitness expert Drew Manning is the New York Times best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose and has for years been a leading voice in the burgeoning Keto Diet movement.
Drew is also the creator of the A&E Show Fit to Fat to Fit and the host of The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience podcast. With over a million social media followers, Drew continues to transform people’s lives all around the world.

Known for his straightforward and empathetic fitness and health coaching, Drew has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, The View, and MSNBC, among other media outlets.

He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his daughters, who remind him every day not to take things too seriously.

In this interview, Jimmy chats with longtime friend, personal trainer, and fellow podcaster Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit who decided to repeat a crazy experience that he first did a decade ago—purposely gain weight as a means of showing empathy for his clients. Listen to Drew share about the mental challenges of weight gain, the concerns about doing this during the pandemic, and his prospect for taking the weight off in a very short period of time.

Follow Drew Manning on Instagram:

Visit Drew’s website:

Jan 14, 2021

Episode 191, Dr Melanie Joy

Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Dr. Melanie Joy to talk all about emotions.

“I don’t know how many people have told me that they can’t even go into a church anymore because their body reacts to the stress they feel.”

 - Dr. Melanie Joy

“So much of the medical speak is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

 - Jimmy Moore


Dr. Melanie’s journey is a remarkable story from sickness to health. Her teen years were fraught with food allergies, a heart condition, and chronic low energy. Doctors, as wonderful and needed as they are, were unable to introduce her to the healthier promised lands she wanted and needed. Like most extraordinary people do, she had to find those lands herself.

Through self-education, formal research, and carefully calibrated lifestyle changes, Melanie’s biology began restoring and even optimizing. Her condition then became her calling. Undergirded by degrees in Education and Complementary Alternative Medicine, and most importantly, living personal proof, she began guiding others to inside-out health. Whether it be a total nutritional overhaul or minor tune-ups, Dr. Melanie is well-equipped to meet the need.

Listen in today as Jimmy talks to a board-certified holistic health specialist named Dr. Melanie Joy about the emotional and psychological issues that can directly impact your weight and health. This one digs a little deeper so enjoy the information!

Follow Dr. Melanie Joy on Instagram

Jan 7, 2021

Episode 190

Full show notes at

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Dr. Brett Hill is host of some of Australia’s top rated health podcastsresilience mentor, functional nutrition coach, chiropractor, public speaker, and author of numerous books and e-books. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and his media appearances, seminars, coaching and consulting have inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality.

A divorced and now remarried father of three with a string of entrepreneurial pursuits and life challenges along the way, Brett brings a unique perspective to health and mindset challenges with his communication skills and emotional vulnerability. He has been able to combine his decades of research into building human health and resilience (including study of Health Science, Nutrition and Counselling) with his own personal journey and lessons to help others rediscover their own innate resilience in a profound way.

Dr Brett has been able to share his journey with his three gorgeous children Tom, Charlotte, and Tim who have inspired Dr Brett to take his message to the world in order to create a healthier environment for his family to thrive in.

In this interview, Jimmy chats with his Aussie friend Dr. Brett Hill who has been through some very painful experiences in his life over the past decade. He details those things along with what he did to bring himself out of it in his new book ROCK BOTTOM.

Get the e-book version here

Get the paperback version here:

Check out the rest of Brett’s work:


Oct 29, 2020

Episode 189

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for a dose of REAL TALK. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes HBO comedian Dave Martin to the show.

“The BLM movement has been hijacked from the very beginning.”

- Dave Martin

Comedian Dave Martin from HBO’s “Bad Boys Of Comedy”, Opened for Mike Epps, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and performed on Carnival Cruise Lines. Dave joins Jimmy today for a wide-ranging conversation for the last episode of REAL TALK of 2020.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Dave talk about the importance of comedy for bringing people together, his definition of “Truth Comedy”, how the comedy greats pushed the cultural norms to provide commentary, why language matters, why comedy is the perfect vehicle for conveying truth, talking about 2020 and dissecting the responses to it, why mask mandates got Dave to thinking about what we’re being told, why it’s okay to question things, race relations and our response to them in 2020, and much more.

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Oct 22, 2020

Episode 188

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for a dose of REAL TALK. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Kara Collier to the show.

“I had to fire my own doctor because he wouldn’t prescribe a fasting insulin test.”

- Jimmy Moore

“With a CGM you can catch problems long before your doctor might catch them with typical lab tests.”

- Kara Collier

Kara is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician who specializes in glucose control and metabolism. She graduated from Purdue University and previously worked as a clinical dietitian at Providence Hospital and in a management role at Nutritionix.

Listen in today as Jimmy welcomes Kara to the show to talk all about continuous glucose monitors, tips for using a CGM long term, benefits of cgm usage that might surprise you, why many registered dietitians don’t pay enough attention to blood sugar levels, why understanding what is happening to your body is eye opening to lots of people, why the conventional wisdom about blood glucose might be harming people, why catching bg issues early can be a life changer for people, the NutriSense software and how they hope to change lives with it, things that affect bg readings, and much more.

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Oct 15, 2020

Episode 187

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for some REAL TALK. Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Voice actor Nathan Kalcsa to talk all about carnivore.

“Just because you are making other people happy doesn’t mean you are happy in your own life.”

Jimmy Moore

“I’m very sure that I was close to becoming diabetic before starting the carnivore diet.”

Nathan Kalcsa

Nathan Kalcsa @nathan_does_voices is a Canadian based voice actor and carnivore diet proponent and voice of the MeatRx Podcast. Listen in today as Jimmy and Nathan talk about his journey into voice acting and how performance helps with stuttering and stammering, his discovery of the carnivore keto way of eating, what eating meat has done for him and his personal health, how suicidal thoughts started creeping in and how a random message from a friend was a wake up call, how his diet affected his feeling of well being, his stunning weight loss and the ability to stop medications, and so much more.

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Oct 8, 2020

Episode 186

It’s Thursday and that means another action-packed episode of the realest talk on the internet–Real Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Will Cole. Dr. Cole is taking a few weeks off so today Jimmy is joined by Carmen Hunter.

“It’s exhausting to walk on egg shells around certain people.”

Jimmy Moore

“To define trauma is very difficult for people. It’s not just the big things, it’s the small things too.”

Carmen Hunter

Carmen Hunter is a certified health coach, trusted health coach mentor, wellness practitioner educator and founder of the new health coaching institute that’s transforming the industry, the Institute for Functional Health Coaching.

Carmen teaches health coaches how to break through their comfort zones, build up their confidence, implement a low-risk, investigative health coaching approach that allows them to work with any client who comes to them, and maximize their income + impact.

Listen in today to hear Jimmy chat with Carmen about the importance of getting real with each other to get to the heart of childhood trauma, how trauma affects our whole person-physically, mentally, and spiritually-, why the topic of trauma is taboo, what addressing trauma looks like in reality, how trauma gets passed on from generation to generation, dealing with abusive people in our lives, and so much more!

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Oct 1, 2020

Episode 185

It’s Thursday and that means another action-packed episode of the realest talk on the internet–Real Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Will Cole. Dr. Cole is taking a few weeks off so today Jimmy is joined by Shawn Wells.

“Let’s put people in a metabolic ward where we can get good data. Why doesn’t that ever happen?”

- Jimmy Moore

“There are all these food studies where they give high fructose corn syrup and rancid, processed fats and you get the worst possible reaction.”

- Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN (@ingredientologist) is the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on Health Optimization.

He has formulated over 500 supplements, food, beverages, and cosmeceuticals and patented 10 novel ingredients and is now known as the Ingredientologist – the scientist of ingredients. Formerly a Chief Clinical Dietitian with over a decade of clinical experience, he has counseled thousands of people on natural health solutions such as keto, paleo, fasting, and supplements. He has also personally overcome various health issues including Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, obesity, and a pituitary tumor.

As a world-renowned thought-leader on mitochondrial health, he has been paid to speak on five different continents. His insights have been prominently featured in documentaries, nationally syndicated radio programs and regularly on morning television. His expertise can help any health-conscious individual to better manage stress and experience higher performance and more energy through utilizing his practical wholistic solutions.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Shawn talk about childhood trauma and how those experiences fueled his determination to change his health and body, what motivated him to work in the supplement field, dealing with a pituitary tumor, treating his autoimmune conditions, how the food industry knows how to manipulate our responses to keep us addicted to crappy food, and much more.

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Sep 24, 2020

Episode 184

It’s Thursday and that means another action-packed episode of the realest talk on the internet–Real Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Will Cole. Dr. Cole is taking a few weeks off so today Jimmy is joined by Dr. Ben Tapper.

“We need to understand that drugs and surgery can serve a life-saving purpose, but drugs and surgery have no place in a wellness and prevention model.”

- Dr. Ben Tapper

“When you start obsessively cleaning your hands constantly you’re working against your immune system.”

- Jimmy Moore


The Omaha, Nebraska city council recently approved a mask order to slow the spread of COVID-19. During the three hour public hearing council members heard feedback from several people in the community.

Dr. Ben Tapper (@dr.bentapper), an Omaha based Chiropractor, spoke out against the mandate, and his comments quickly went viral on social media.

Listen in today as Dr. Ben Tapper joins Jimmy to discuss the internet fame that has come from his viral video; why he feels that masks are not the end-all, be-all in protecting people from Covid-19; what a vaccine is likely to look like and why it might not be the savior the media expects it to be; how all the measures that are being recommended are working against our health, and what people can do on their own to ensure that they are as protected as they can be.


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Sep 17, 2020

Episode 183

It’s Thursday and that means another action-packed episode of the realest talk on the internet–Real Talk with Jimmy Moore and Dr. Will Cole. Dr. Cole is taking a few weeks off so today Jimmy is joined by Dr. Paul Ralston.

“The recent argument in the carnivore community over honey shows we have our priorities out of order.”

– Jimmy Moore

“Phones are making us so distracted. It’s unreal how distracted we are and how dependent we are on these devices.”

– Dr. Paul Ralston


Dr. Paul Ralston began his natural health and wellness journey began back in high school as a member of the Olympic weightlifting team. He was constantly searching for natural ways to maintain the extremely demanding physical training involved in the sport through nutrition and proper recovery methods.

After high school, he enlisted in the Army National Guard and attended undergrad at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, majoring in community health and exercise science. Following his undergrad studies, he enrolled in chiropractic college at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, where he graduated with a degree in human biology and doctor of chiropractic degree in 2003.

In October of 2003, he moved to Wisconsin and opened his first chiropractic practice in Muskego. Paul spent the next seven years becoming involved in the community and developing a successful practice. In 2010, he moved a few miles down the road to Hales Corners and joined a group practice, Healthwise Chiropractic. Paul spent the next five years developing his skills as a doctor and exploring new techniques and treatment modalities. It was during this time that he became increasingly involved in the paleo community and began studying functional medicine.

Listen in today as Jimmy and Dr. Ralston talk all about diet culture, how we are becoming desensitized to the concept of death, what the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and our response to it is going to be, and we go deep on the concept of how electronics and our dependence on them is doing to our concentration and how we interact with one another. Stay tuned after Jimmy and Dr. Ralston’s chat for a special presentation of Paul’s talk on Screen Addiction.

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